Darryl Carter.


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Last week, I turned 59 years old, which is as good an age as any to start blogging.  I thought I would kick this off with a post about one of my favorite designers:  Darryl Carter.  Two Kellys just received his latest book, The Collected Home, and it is full of great information.  Throughout his book he shares how important it is to collect over time:

In collecting for your own home, you are sharing the story of your life.  The furniture, art, colors, textures, sounds, and scents all convey details about your character, sense of humor, and experiences.

And the following piece of wisdom is, in my opinion, something every homeowner and designer should live by:

The home should be a collected assemblage of treasures meaningful to the homeowner…it is better to have an empty room than an instant room.  Forgo the immediate and embrace the lasting.

Collecting should be fun – not a chore!  This is what brings a home to life.  On Friday, I will share some of my treasured collections.  In the meantime, please enjoy a few of my favorite Darryl Carter rooms.


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Fashion Friday.


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via ELLE

What a coat!  And we just adore the rolled jeans, striped scarf and short boots.  Our love for cheetah not only translates to fashion, but to interiors, as well.  Every room needs a little animal print.  I give you Fashion Friday, the jungle edition.

Miles Redd

Pinterest via The Aestate

Bunny Williams

Patricia Herrera’s Apartment

Have a great weekend and thanks you to those who came to the Open House today – it was a great success, to be repeated in Decemeber!


Two Kellys shop live on Etsy!


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Click to visit our Etsy shop!

In celebration of Patti’s birthday, we are officially up and running on Etsy today!  Currently the items listed are easy to ship, but look for us to add everything in our shop in the next few weeks with the larger furniture pieces available for local delivery or pick-up.  Two Kellys is so happy to be a part of this community and we hope you will enjoy our shop, both in Madison Valley and now on Etsy!


Two Kellys is coming to Etsy.


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Hello!  Now that we have opened the shop in Madison Valley, I am working on getting an Etsy shop up with all of our fabulous vintage and antique accessories, lamps, mirrors and furniture.  It’s quite an undertaking, so thanks for the patience!  Soon you will be able to shop online with us, something we have been asked about for years.  So exciting!  Here are a couple of items that will be available for purchase online, just to wet your whistle:

 In the meantime, if you haven’t made it yet to see us in our new shop, I can tell you that it is very small and very packed, but good things come in small packages, right?  Visit us when you can.  Our signage is still in the works, but look for us directly across the street from City People’s parking lot.  We are on the west corner of the brick Madison Lofts building.  Have a great weekend!


2914 E Madison Street #103 | Seattle, WA 98112 | (206) 860-4163

Rose Bowl Flea Market.


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 Sunday was an early morning as we made our way to the Rose Bowl Flea Market.  Our plan was to be there at 6 to take advantage of the VIP early preview, but we didn’t get there until 7.  We were still part of the early bird preview and honestly, it wouldn’t really have been worth it to be there any earlier.  Half of the vendors had only just started unloading their trucks!  There were two pendants that we absolutely loved, but had already sold – I was still thinking about them last night.

A few things to note about this flea:  on a sunny day, there is a ton of glare and half of the morning you spend walking into the sun up an aisle and then away from it walking down the next aisle.  Sunglasses are not enough in this case.  There are a lot of hats in the above picture for a reason!  About halfway through the morning we couldn’t take it anymore and both spent $20 on a hat…

Patti and her flea market hat and cart:

  Also, the asphalt is black making for a very hot experience!  There really is no escaping this part, so soldier on and no complaining.  Even through the heat and sun, we found a couple of great things, namely a rolling metal cart and an old pine chest.  The cart came in handy for transporting an Art Deco desk we purchased.  We were the ladies with a five foot wide desk on a metal cart wheeling it through the crowds – that was interesting to say the least!  By 11:30, the car was packed and we were on our way.

After lunch, we went to see the Gamble House, which is probably the finest example of American Arts and Crafts architecture.  Designed by Charles and Henry Greene in 1908 for David and Mary Gamble (of Procter & Gamble), the home was gifted by one of their children in 1966 to the city of Pasadena and is overseen by the USC School of Architecture.  In fact, two fifth year Architecture students live at the house in the maid’s quarters to “guard” it at night.  It really is a fine piece of architecture, even if it’s not your style, and can be appreciated just for the craftsmanship alone.

Today we start on Los Angeles with a trip to one of our favorite vendors, who just happens to buy and sell movie sets and has 50,000 square feet full of furniture, lighting, accessories, etc.  More tomorrow!


Back on the road.



Yesterday morning we woke to a very relieving phone call about the car, so we regained our momentum and got on the road.  Since we were in Monterey and the car was just north of San Francisco, we had to make our way 130 miles back up north.  Walking to breakfast in Monterey we passed these insanely large succulents.  WOW.

Since Thursday ended up as a wash, we had to make up ground yesterday.  We had rented a car, so we figured we could fill it up as much as possible and we certainly did just that on our stops in between Monterey and Marin County!  Below, a sampling of what we bought yesterday…

We can’t wait to see these wheat bundle lamps from Italy with some amazing shades.  They are really tall, but oh so fabulous!

A foot stool (yay!), two Italian candlesticks that we will have turned into lamps, and an old painted military hat box.  That black urn in the back is also ours and will be a lamp, too.

Another beautiful day in California.

We bought a few more things, including two great mirrors and three olive picking colanders (they are amazing), but you will have to come see those at Two Kellys when we open in September!  Today we are hitting Central California (there are a few antique malls we were tipped off to) and tonight we will be in Pasadena getting ready for the Rose Bowl Flea Market tomorrow.


Not our best day.


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Well, the car is at Land Rover Marin, we are in a hotel in Monterey having room service, and Patti has had her hand in a Pepsi cup full of ice since noon. Note: an overheating engine releases a lot of boiling water, coolant and steam and it WILL burn you! This has not been our best day, but tomorrow is a new day and we are confident it has to be better than today! More tomorrow…