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via The Sartorialist

I love everything about men’s clothing.  There is something about the weight of the fabrics that I find so much more enticing – give me wool over silk and chiffon any day!  I was going back through The Sartorialist to see what I missed over the past couple of weeks and the second I saw this picture, I knew it was perfect for Fashion Friday.  Could he be any chicer?  Khaki and olive green are such a classic combination in fashion – I was intrigued to see how it translated in interiors.  Surprise, surprise it’s amazing and typically used in rooms designed by men.  If I weren’t capable of doing my own interior, I would hire a man.  They are very much attuned with the Two Kellys style.  So I give you Fashion Friday, the MAN edition.


Nate Berkus.

S.R. Gambrel.

Thomas O’Brien.

Thad Hayes.

Francisco Costa’s NYC apartment.