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Well, we did it.  And it is fabulous!  Somehow we managed to use gold rimmed plates that are over 100 hundred years old, Amari, silver, a Kuba cloth from Africa, rattan chargers, tortoise glasses, feathers, and an antler, yet it still looks tasteful and totally Two Kellys.  Enjoy these pictures and a description of our design process.  Wishing you a wonderful day with your family and friends.

Jen & Patti.

We started with two pairs of Oly gilt candlesticks, a small arrangement, bittersweet, an antler and some feathers all on top of an African Kuba cloth layered with a striped runner.

An arrangement of magnolia, evergreen clippings, and what was left of Patti’s hydrangea in a mango bark container (there is a small vase inside the container holding the arrangement with water).

An antler with bittersweet and feathers.

Only one antler would fit.  Because of this, the centerpiece is slightly asymmetrical adding interest to the whole ensemble.

Now it’s time to add the essentials to the table – plates, napkins, flatware and glasses.

Antique gold rimmed plates that have been passed down through our family for four generations are placed on rattan chargers. The rattan adds more texture while maintaining the casual elegant feel we are hoping to achieve.

We know we are very lucky to have these plates to use for table settings. They can go very formal, though, so the rattan chargers are a must to make them work with the Kuba cloth.

We couldn’t decide which direction to go on the napkins – a plain napkin with a decorative bowl or a patterned napkin?  The bowl and plain linen napkin worked better for both of us, even though it is a more formal combination.  (This was honestly decided after a 10 minute conversation.)

Then it was time to finish out the centerpiece with some votives.

Mercury glass….

Or blue glass votives?

The blue votives really pulled it all together.  The mercury glass would have been a good choice, too, but the blue votives added an unexpected element that took the entire table setting to the next level.  On to the finished product!

It’s all in the details!

Happy Thanksgiving!