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The best day of the year for entertaining is upon us – Thanksgiving! Patti and I both agree that we love this holiday so much more than Christmas. It’s all about giving thanks for family and friends, without the added pressure of gifts. Instead it’s a day of cooking, eating and in the case of Two Kellys, intricately planned table setting. Yesterday afternoon we decided on a direction and it’s a little unconventional, even for us, but we can’t wait to share it with you tomorrow. Here are some images from which we are drawing inspiration – hopefully we will get a thumbs up from Ann, since she is our guru when it comes to style and taste!

Carolyne Roehm’s blog was drool worthy:

Usually we go very elegant, but this year we are thinking of it being a little more casual and natural. Instead of a tablecloth, we are going to use a brown and white stripe runner with a Kuba cloth over it. Patti’s Kuba cloth is much more interesting than this one, but it gives you an idea of the direction we are headed:

Somehow we are going to work gourds in, but I am fine with skipping them. I think they can be a little cliche and we wouldn’t want that! I’m absolutely loving this less traditional combination of blue and brown – it helps that the tablecloth is my favorite Raoul Textiles print. I hope we can find a way to sneak a little blue in, perhaps in a votive:

We will add a few other casual touches, including rattan chargers, linen napkins and a wood vase for the centerpiece arrangement. It is a holiday, though so we will definitely up the ante with silver, crystal glassware, and gold rimmed plates.

The colors in this centerpiece are beautiful for anyone’s Thanksgiving table scheme. Get out there and cut some magnolia!

Also, I just checked the stats on WordPress and our little blog has over 10,000 views for 2012 – I really had no idea! I feel like this is just the beginning. We have so much to be thankful for…