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Last week, I turned 59 years old, which is as good an age as any to start blogging.  I thought I would kick this off with a post about one of my favorite designers:  Darryl Carter.  Two Kellys just received his latest book, The Collected Home, and it is full of great information.  Throughout his book he shares how important it is to collect over time:

In collecting for your own home, you are sharing the story of your life.  The furniture, art, colors, textures, sounds, and scents all convey details about your character, sense of humor, and experiences.

And the following piece of wisdom is, in my opinion, something every homeowner and designer should live by:

The home should be a collected assemblage of treasures meaningful to the homeowner…it is better to have an empty room than an instant room.  Forgo the immediate and embrace the lasting.

Collecting should be fun – not a chore!  This is what brings a home to life.  On Friday, I will share some of my treasured collections.  In the meantime, please enjoy a few of my favorite Darryl Carter rooms.


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