Yesterday morning we woke to a very relieving phone call about the car, so we regained our momentum and got on the road.  Since we were in Monterey and the car was just north of San Francisco, we had to make our way 130 miles back up north.  Walking to breakfast in Monterey we passed these insanely large succulents.  WOW.

Since Thursday ended up as a wash, we had to make up ground yesterday.  We had rented a car, so we figured we could fill it up as much as possible and we certainly did just that on our stops in between Monterey and Marin County!  Below, a sampling of what we bought yesterday…

We can’t wait to see these wheat bundle lamps from Italy with some amazing shades.  They are really tall, but oh so fabulous!

A foot stool (yay!), two Italian candlesticks that we will have turned into lamps, and an old painted military hat box.  That black urn in the back is also ours and will be a lamp, too.

Another beautiful day in California.

We bought a few more things, including two great mirrors and three olive picking colanders (they are amazing), but you will have to come see those at Two Kellys when we open in September!  Today we are hitting Central California (there are a few antique malls we were tipped off to) and tonight we will be in Pasadena getting ready for the Rose Bowl Flea Market tomorrow.