Today we drove from Medina to Yreka, California, pronounced WHY-reka, a long 500 mile stretch.  There isn’t much to say about this leg, other than that we went to two Targets today, neither of which had skinny white jeans, something Patti has been furiously looking for since last month.  It has become her raison d’être and we WILL find them!  There are a ton of sheep in Oregon, something we both learned today.  Tomorrow we head to a vendor in San Francisco stopping at a few shops along the way, and of course a trip to Bouchon Bakery.  How could we not?!  Below are a few more pictures; we couldn’t have asked for a better day for a long drive.  Also, follow us on Twitter for more immediate updates as the shopping begins and a sampling of today’s playlist on Spotify!

Bridge over the Columbia into Oregon – one state down!

Amazing blue skies and scenery today – we may have sang “God Bless America” terribly more than once…

We didn’t realize we might have relatives in Grants Pass, Oregon?!

Welcome to Cali!  (Notice the change in pavement; Oregon’s was so much smoother.)

Celebrating America’s multiculutralism with margaritas!

More fun tomorrow,