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For the next three days, our blog is dedicated to the lovely pastel colors of Easter – today is PINK.  I love a good pink room, but it can be hard to pull off without looking like a little girl’s room.  The key is in hue and saturation.  Look for pinks with more orange and less bright, light pink.  There is something so soothing and comfortable about it in it’s pastel version – we aren’t talking about hot pink here, but pastel doesn’t have to mean baby pink.  Not to mention, the glow cast on skin in a pink room is extremely flattering.  No other color accomplishes the same feat. Here are some greatest hits – the pink edition…

Tom Scheerer designed bedroom - I like the black and pink combination.

Pink bathroom from the movie The Help.

A Suzanne Kasler dining room - she uses A LOT of pink.

This is a really great use of cream and pink together - it's light and calm, but still sophisticated.

An amazingly great wall color and I like the darker accessories.

So cheerful!

Phoebe Howard designed bedroom. I am fairly certain this is a Farrow & Ball paint color - it's listed at the bottom with some additional paint colors that work well.

Pink marble clad Grand Trianon at Versailles.

A pink office - notice the black chair. The use of a dark color with pink makes it more sophisticated, less little girl.

Monet's pink home in Giverny, France.

My favorite place - the pink sand beach on Harbour Island, Bahamas.

The key is to get the paint color right if you are committing to pink on the walls.  You will notice that these colors are all a little more on the coral side – it is really difficult to pull of a true pink in an interior if it’s anything more than a pillow.  That said, here are a few paint colors that have worked in the past:

Farrow & Ball Pink Ground.

Benjamin Moore Pink Harmony 2013-60.

Benjamin Moore Fond Memory 2088-70.

Benjamin Moore Heather Pink 2091-60.

Tomorrow, I will tackle light blue – another challenging pastel!