The last collection in this series is Louis Vuitton, shown on March 7th in Paris.  We wanted to save the best for last and knew waiting to see what would come out of Marc Jacobs’s crazy mind would be worth it – did he pull out all the stops or what?!  Check out this video from style.com to see it in action.  It’s short, but gives details behind the idea of the collection and shows the train the Louis Vuitton team built.  What a genius idea to have porters carrying various bags and luggage from the line behind the models.  It’s like a two for one show!  Besides that, the clothes were remarkable.  It had such a taste of nostalgia, fully realized in fabulous, expensive textiles and hats.  Definitely a concept collection, the Louis Vuitton team led by Marc Jacobs gave us a taste of yesteryear, but in a very 2012 way.  Here are some of our favorite looks and rooms to match – you can see the rest of the collection here.

My personal favorite interpretation…

So, there we have it – I hope you enjoyed this series of posts.  It was a lot of fun looking at all of those beautiful clothes and then finding equally beautifully interiors to match.  We had a great reaction to this idea, so look for a post like this every Friday – Fashion Friday!  Have a great weekend.