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Trolling our favorite blogs everyday is something we look forward to – whether it’s via subscription and shows up in our inbox, or via a bookmark, they hardly ever disappoint.  Now that we are blogging, we thought you might be interested in the blogs we subscribe to for inspiration and ideas to add to our memory banks for entertaining, travel, fashion advice and interiors.  Click on the title to go to each of their respective blogs.  The following is a list of our greatest hits in the blogging world (in no particular order).

Gwyneth Paltrow’s weekly lifestyle newsletter – it has gotten a lot of criticism, but we love it.  Her tips on travel to Nashville helped out a lot with a bachelorette party I went to a few years ago.  Ever since then, I’m a GOOP devotee.

A non-professional with great taste.  She goes to amazing design events in the Los Angeles area, too, so those posts alone are worth subscribing.  “Coco” has managed to turn her blogging into a growing textile company.  Recently she had a booth at the New York Gift Show – for all intents and purposes, she’s made it in the industry!

Joanie from Cote de Texas is one of the most successful design bloggers out there.  Her posts are very thorough and image heavy which is enviable – we wish we had that kind of time to devote to our blog.  Check this out if you like a washed out traditional French/Swedish look.

Roost documents Caitlin’s foray into adapting to her husband’s very specific dietary needs.  Her recipes are great, but what keeps us coming back are the photographs!  She has a beautiful style that is very soothing and serene – much like her.

Heather Clawson is a New Yorker who loves all things chic, be it travel, interiors or fashion.  She gets the opportunity to photograph many wonderful interiors and posts them on her blog, which sets her apart from other shelter bloggers.  She has actually interacted with the spaces she blogs about, so her posts are especially informative.

If you have seen the book Patina Style, you are sure to love the Velvet & Linen blog since they are authors of both!  Brooke and Steve Giannetti feature projects they are working on, events they attend, and products they come across on their blog.  It is enjoyable and stays very true to their style.

A fashion blog with a great mix of higher and lower end lines, this girl is amazing at translating trends.  The photography is always fun and she doesn’t take herself too seriously, something fashion bloggers tend to do.

Dana is a mid-west interior designer who documents her design process on her blog.  It’s fun to look at and see what the trends are in another part of the country.

Watson-Kennedy’s blog, curated by proprietor, Ted, is a great way to stay informed about what is new and happening at his Seattle shops.  He is so good at what he does, and his blog is indicative of that, too.

A seattle blog about gardening, her tagline says it all:  “Ramblings of a waterlogged Seattle area gardener and wannabe urban farmer.”

Do you have any to add to our list???  Let us know in the comments section…