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Mardi Gras Madness

In honor of colorful Fat Tuesday, I thought I would compile a post of pictures of interiors to brighten up our grey Seattle day.  In 1892, Rex, the King of Carnival, selected and gave meaning to the Mardi Gras colors – purple stands for justice, green for faith, and gold for power.  Below are some great interiors using those three colors, either individually or combined…

Now how do you interpret this into your own space????  Fresh flowers are a great way to introduce these three colors.  They work surprisingly well together – here are the ingredients for a fabulous Mardi Gras colored arrangement.

Start with purple and green kale:

Then add in purple hydrangea:

Tuck in a few David Austin Graham Thomas roses – they need to be fully open to work with the scale of the other pieces of the arrangement.

Add a silver accent to tie it all together with Lambsear.  Most gardens in the Northwest have this planted as a perennial filler around the edge – it works beautifully in arrangements, too.

Next time we have an opportunity (and the season is right), we will complete this arrangement step-by-step for a future blog.  We hope these colorful rooms distracted you today from those grey skies outside!