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The garden theme this week continues with the Highgrove Gardens in England.  Over 30 years ago, Prince Charles bought the Highgrove estate.  It didn’t have any gardens to speak of and who would have thought he would have the vision to decide to go the organic route?  It has become one of his best accomplishments as he is deeply passionate about sustainable agriculture and gardening.  Every year, Prince Charles chooses a garden to evolve – recently he created the Walled Kitchen Garden for the chefs to use at the cafe open to the public on the property.

No pictures are allowed on the tours and very few have been released to the public, so I searched and searched and found what I could online!  A lot of them are from the Highgrove Gardens website.  Click on the images and it will take you to the source where more information or pictures are available to view.  Also, the videos at the end of the post provide the best way to see the gardens.

This map will help orient you to the direction the image is taken from – for instance the next picture was taken from the second story of the house facing out towards the center of the map.

These paths seem like they are part of the newer Arboretum (one of the areas he has evolved, like the kitchen garden).

This is the famous Meadow in the front part of the property.  The conservation of flora and fauna in this area alone is commendable; over 32 different varieties of endangered native plants.

It’s much less formal than most people would expect; it could even be described as a wild English garden!  Recently Alan Titchmarsh went to Highgrove for a tour of the gardens with Prince Charles.  Below are the four parts – it’s only an hour long and really conveys the passion Prince Charles has for this cause and his gardens.  Enjoy!