Sunday found us at the Garden Show – what an event!  I had never been, so as a first timer I couldn’t get over the magnitude of the show gardens.  The whole time I tried to figure out how they bring everything in, how long it takes to set up, etc.  My questions were answered by watching this time lapsed video from 2009 showing the 12 days of set up, show and take down.  It’s long, but very relaxing!


We started out with the show gardens and then strolled through the vendors. Patti and I found some great things to buy for the shop (somehow we always find a way to turn a day off into work), including an old carved elephant sculpture that we are going to turn into a lamp.  But first, let’s start with the gardens…

The Arboretum’s garden was a big winner – it deserved the awards.  Really wild and very Northwest…

This garden was very neat and tidy, something we both really liked.  And the faux bois bench was amazing.  Unfortunately the guy who made it just moved to California – darn!

The garden with the tulips and the path behind the “hill” reminded me a lot of the woods around Bunny Williams’s house in Connecticut – she has paths that wind around a little area of woods on her property.  She doesn’t have a curly leaf maple like this though!

These fountains were made out of old milk jugs:

My paparazzi picture of one of the garden creators – she was taking a moment before the show really got into full swing.  We were dying of laughter, so I had to get it on film.  They’re garden was very whimsical with a Moroccan theme.

Patti wants a shed similar to this one in her back yard.

This big root was incredible!  It was the backdrop for one of our favorite gardens – very Northwest and simple.  I could imagine it being on one of the islands.

I love how the water feature looks like a tide pool.

In the vendor areas we definitely found some inspiration.  This spring we are going to figure out how to make succulent wall hangings – look for a class where we will teach you, too!

Anyone up for an urban chicken coop?  Patti is dying for one!

All in all, I would say it was an enjoyable day!  I would definitely love to go back next year to see what the landscape artists come up with.  If you went, what was your favorite garden and why?