If any of you were as big of fans of the legendary Domino as we were (and still are), you will be excited to hear Conde Nast is publishing a special edition entitled Domino Quick Fixes on April 17th!

I was beyond thrilled to hear about this.  When I was in college, Domino was the first shelter magazine that I subscribed to because I loved it so much.  It had so many fans because it spoke to a wide array of people – no other magazine showed such a diverse range of contemporary and traditional interiors, that didn’t take themselves too seriously.  My mother loved it, the woman I interned for adored it (and knew the editors really well), my best friend is the one who gave me my first copy. There was something in each issue for everybody, and even the rooms that weren’t necessarily your style were still good and could be appreciated.  Do you remember the outfit to room series? Genius!


All of those fond memories of pouring over the new issue the second it arrived in my mailbox are coming back!  And now they are on Twitter and their Facebook page is active again. Does this mean the return of Domino???  Since their website went down, I have been kicking myself for not saving every last issue.  Fear not – the internet will always find a way to solve a problem.  A group was started on Flickr called The Domino Magazine Files.  Their “About Us” explains it all:

With the Domino Magazine website officially gone, all we’re left with are the images saved from the good ‘ol days. I never had a chance to get all of my favorites off the website before it closed, so I’m creating this group in hopes of collecting as many as possible in one place!

As is completely apparent by the support, I am not the only one who was obsessed with this magazine.  I can assure you that this special edition issue will sell out.  It’s Missoni for Target all over again!  In the meantime while we count the days until April 17th, let’s take a trip down memory lane with a few of our favorites from Domino posted by the Flickr group.

Domino kitchen - boa backsplash

January/February 2006

domino twin beds

domino shabby chic

thomas obrien

b&w stripe via domino







 sunrise ruffalo