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All torn up!

The girls at The Arbour are redoing the shop.  It takes a couple of days usually because we try to do it in phases, rather than completely tear up the place.  We want you to still be able to come in and find special somethings!

After unpacking the 37 boxes that arrived on Monday, we felt inspired to get Spring out.  Ann said she’s been walking around her house dying for a change of season and thankfully we ordered enough for her to feel inspired to do the same at the shop.  The wall color has given us a renewed sense of purpose – our inspiration words for the next few months are:


We want it to feel like a boutique just off of a Parisian neighborhood park, one that you walk into and never want to leave.  Below are pictures of the shop before and some during the process.  We will post pictures tomorrow of the after and a step by step process of Ann merchandising a table.  Au revoir!


Potting table before.

Drop leaf table before.

Mantle before.

A little wintery.

Bookcase before.

Verellen table before.

Maybe Ann is going for a green with blue and white look here?