Someone sent the video above to me a few months ago and we loved it immediately.  For those of you who come into the shop regularly, you have by now realized that we are true scarf aficionados.  This video took our knowledge to a completely new level!  I’m not sure when exactly I decided to commit to a life of scarf wearing, but by the time I was 25, I had collected over 100 and that has since grown exponentially.  It’s the only thing that I buy on impulse!

We thought we would share a few of our favorite spots to find scarves:

  • Street markets when traveling abroad:  I have picked up scarves from all over the world and have always brought back one for Patti, too.  I have real attachment to these in particular because they remind me of all the places I’ve been lucky enough to visit!
  • Local boutiques and shops, like The Arbour:  we all come across accessory lines at the gift shows and sometimes they are too wonderful to resist!  We are in the midst of deciding if we should order from a line we found last year in New York that has the most beautiful linen scarves.
  • H & M:  a fantastic resource for inexpensive trendy patterned scarves that you don’t feel guilty about never wearing again after two months.
  • Anthropologie:  the colors are always ethereal and are great for special events in the spring and summer, especially weddings.
  • Banana Republic and J. Crew:  they have lovely scarves, usually in a knit instead of wool.  And when those sales come around, they are a great deal!
  • Nordstrom:  enough said.
  • Online flash sale sites:  Gilt and Rue La La have great accessories sales once in awhile.  I got a Missoni scarf on Gilt last year and have loved having it.

The best scarf buying advice we can give is to make sure it’s long enough!  You don’t want a scarf that you can only wear one way, so if it’s a nice big rectangle, you will get the most wear out of it.  Invest in basics like a black cashmere scarf, save on trendy patterns and styles.  I am currently dying to order this because I’m all about stripes right now, it comes in a navy option and tan option, and it’s 80″ long!

Happy scarf wearing!